FAQ's concernant le Nouveau Pédigrée

What do I have to do before I breed a litter?

Step 0 - min./max. age female/male for breeding

Female :

Minimum: 15 months at the time of projection

Maximum: must be projected before her 10th year of life

Number of litters: 2 litters in 2 years


Male :

Minimum of 12 months


Step 1 -  Do you have a KMSH-pedigree (LOSH, ALSH, RISH) or other recognized foreign pedigree imported in Belgium with a BE / RSH number ?

Yes : go to step 2

No :

If it is a foreign recognized pedigree: the foreign pedigree must first be registered by the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH: see form "Import a foreign dog".

You can also ask a DNA analysis to be done (see step 4)

My dog ​​has no pedigree or has an unrecognized FCI pedigree: then you can have the dog enrolled in the RISH register (see form).


Step 2 – Are you the owner of the dog (female) ?

Yes : go to step 3

No: send original pedigree with the form "Request for Ownership Transfer" to the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH by registered post mail.


Step 3 – Do you have a kennel name?

Yes : go to step 4

No : would you like the pups to have a kennel name? Ask them via the form "Request kennel name" at least 2 months before the birth (no obligation).


Step 4 - Do you have the DNA of both male and female in your possession?

Yes : go to step 5

No : DNA profile of the male as well of the female MUST be known before projection!

DNA analysis request for:

  • dogs already registered with the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH
  • dogs with a foreign pedigree

You’ll automatically receive the DNA kit at home after payment to go to the vet. Afterwards please return the DNA sample ASAP to our lab through our envelope.


Step 5 – Statement of the litter

You normally have everything ready for your future litter. In the meantime, you can quietly read through the pedigree formalities.
After the birth of the pups you have 14 days to declare the litter and this can be done online via LOGIN on the website of the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH - www.srsh.be

Is the breeding certificate still mandatory?

No, except if you wish yours dogs to produce puppies issued from “category 1”.

Without this certificate for both parents, the pups will end up in category 2 or 3 according to the tests carried out and follow breeding advice. The name will also change, we no longer speak about a « breeding authorization” but about the “CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY TO THE BREED STANDARD”.

From when will the new pedigree come into effect?

For all puppies born as from April 1st 2017.

From when will I be able to submit a declaration/statement through the new online platform (LOGIN)?

You can already do it online as from May 2017.

Will all data of a dog have to be entered again ?

No, you can find all the details of your dog(s) in our online platform (LOGIN), the pedigree and all attachments.

A bitch has several owners. 1 owner has a kennel name, the other doesn’t. Do the puppies get the kennel name?

Yes, only if the first owner makes the declaration.

Is it possible to have titles included on the pedigree?

No, on the pedigree only the family tree is mentioned as it never change. After all, this is known and fixed for life.

Titles and other results are included in the attachments.

A foreign co-owner, will this be mentioned on the pedigree?

Yes, but an Export pedigree will only be delivered if all owners are registered in a foreign country.