FAQ's concernant la SANTÉ

Where can we find the breed sheets?

The breed sheets will be on the site of the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH.

Currently you can find it at www.mijnhondmijnvriend.be . At this moment (May 2017) there are 21 and we work together with breeders and breed clubs to have the others ready by the end of 2017 and this for breeds where more than 20 pups per year are registered in our studbook.

From when are the tests mandatory ?

The tests are never mandatory. However, they are necessary to move to a higher category of pedigree. For example, type 1 tests and follow-up of the breeding advices give access to Cat 2 and if the Type 2 tests and the certificate of conformity to the breed standard have been achieved, they continue to grow to category 1.

Can I enter the results of my dogs on the online platform from 3 May?

You will be able to do it yourself in the run of 2018; it means you can upload them yourself via the online platform but the KMSH still has to validate it before it appears in attachments.

To go to category 1 you have to do the Type II tests. But what if there are no tests for my breed, how do I get in category 1?

At this moment you only have to obtain the certificate conformity to the breed standard. Once the breed sheet for your breed is available, you must comply with the tests + the certificate conformity to the breed standard.

What about the DNA certificate for the new owner?

As soon as the breeder has registered you as a new owner, you will have access to all attachments via the online platform with your own profile (Login + password). After that moment the breeder has no longer access to your dog's data.

Both parents have fullfilled the obligations to get in category 1, but which category do the pups get?

Puppies don't have a category, they are issued from categories.

Tests and obligations are for the parents; the pups get a pedigree on which they will be issued from a category combination of both parents.

Are there certain licensed veterinarians for certain tests?

No, every veterinarian who possesses the material and follows the protocols may take this off.

Is there another procedure for the DNA of foreign males?

No, or the male already has a certificate in accordance with ISAG2006. In that case, it is sufficient to send a copy with the birth declaration. Or the breeder can apply to the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH to obtain and purchase a DNA-kit. After the payment, the breeder will receive it direct from our lab Zoolyx-Vanhaeringen.

Are the DNA kits sent to the vet or to the breeder?

To the breeder.

Will a dog free of any disorder due to parenthood have to take the DNA tests again?

We will accept this for 1 generation. We look at how we can make this happen automatically in the new system.