the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH

Founded in 1882, the Société Royale Saint-Hubert asbl ( also known as Belgian kennel club) has since pursued a single goal: the maintenance and improvement of dog breeds in Belgium. Only Belgian company recognized by the FCI. (Federation Cynologique Internationale), the Royal Society Saint-Hubert works daily to improve the quality of dog breeding in Belgium with, as a primary objective, the well-being of the dog.

The tasks of the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH

the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH holds the studbook (L.O.S.H.)

This book includes all purebred dogs, born in a year, to which the S.R.S.H has issued a pedigree in Belgium since 1882.

the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH delivers pedigrees (LOSH)

This is the birth certificate which builds his family tree over three generations, testifying to the purity of the lineage of ascendants. The only valid Belgian pedigree (means recognized internationally by the FCI) is the pedigree issued by the S.R.S.H. It is recognizable by the emblem of the company (St Hubert's dog's head) and the official logo of the FCI. The S.R.S.H delivers an average of 18,000 pedigrees each year.

the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH allows official dog shows

Only exhibitions (Beauty), selection days and specialized tests (Field Trials, Greyhound races, Tracking ...), authorized by the S.R.S.H. will allow you to have the title of Beauty or Work Champion, national or international.

The Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH records and homologates the results obtained, allocate the CAC (Belgian) and propose to the F.C.I. the CACIB (international).

And finally, it awards the Grand Prix and the Belgian Cups crowning the end of each sports season in the main disciplines.

the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH lists the recognized judges

the Belgian kennel club SRSH-KMSH lists the judges appointed by the U.R.C.S.H.
This list contains the names of all the recognized Belgian persons able to judge a dog according to the criteria of race either in beauty, or in work (ring, agility, report ...).
Very strict examinations are organized by the Qualification Committee of the Judges.

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